Triton LED is about providing holistic solutions to all your LED lighting needs, be it a regular household, hotel or a commercial airline. With a range of over 600 products we cover everything from LED bulbs to LED street lamps. Triton LED lighting products are developed exclusively in UK with Dubai being the Middle East hub of distribution. We use the highest grade LED chips in all our products which guarantees an extended lifetime of 10 years for our products. What sets us apart from the herd is our superior product offering at affordable pricing- which makes sustainability an affordable choice for you.

We are part of the global revolution that is committed to reducing carbon footprint and our offerings extend the opportunity to you to be part of that change. We combine the technological advancements made in the field of LED lighting with practical solutions to increase energy efficiency and contribute to environmental sustainability. We aspire to improve the quality of lighting by filling in the gap in the LED lighting industry in the UAE and providing you with state of the art lighting products that are long lasting and affordable. 



LED lighting needs vary from segment to segment and from application to application. For example, the types of LED lights required in homes differ from those used in the transportation sector, retail or commercial sectors. We at Triton have produced LED lights keeping the sectors in the UAE and their needs in mind.










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